Weekly Reading Update 7/29

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Hey guys, how are you? This is my weekly reading update.

So what I read this past week was……..

I finished The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. It is about a crew of Thieves that plan, a heist to steal from the empire rulers in hopes that if they steal their wealth, that would in part or in whole bring down the entire empire. So yeah, this is a, basically a heist book with magical elements.

I’m giving this 5 out of 5 stars. I love the magic system. lLove the world-building. I love that the character friendships, it was super and easy to read, super consumable. It would be great for a non-fantasy reader. You don’t have to have a PhD in fantasy or an avid fantasy reader to read this book.

I Also Finished……

The next books I finished were Silence and Finale from Becca Fitzpatrick. Basically the series is about a teenager who falls in love with a fallen angel in each book. Someone different in each book decides that they want to kill our main character. So, but in each book she never dies. So basically it’s about a teenager that falls in love with an older than dirt fallen angel.

In Silence, she had amnesia for over half the book and then Patch decided to be nice to her after she “remembered” him. So the red flags were a lot less. Plus I want to just turn this into my used bookstore and taking all the tags after you put them in is annoying. Yeah, still non-communication is a plot device in this book. And then again, in Finale non-communication is a plot device. So non or bad communication in the whole series pushes the characters to do what they do and end where they end. And that’s it.

Okay. I kind of think I’m done reading, or maybe I’ll be more glutton for punishment, for YA published around 2009, 10, 08, 07, that area. Cause it seems that all of them are written with bad relationships where the guy is an over controlling jerk. They have bad communication which puts our main characters in danger. Which is basically the only plot driver besides the bad relationship.

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I didn’t Get To……

I didn’t get to The Thombs of Atuan. I’ve been kicking around the idea of listening to the audiobook, but I’m still kind of in the mood of just reading physical books. So I will put this aside and pick it up when I want to.

What I am currently reading is…….

The Lost Queen, I bought this book based on the cover. I’m only 67 pages into it. So I honestly have no opinions about it. Although the starts with her being 10 years old. And it says that she falls in love with a warrior, which they’ve mentioned that at 15 a warrior becomes a man. So I hope they age her up because as I may not enjoy reading a 10-year-old falling in love with a warrior, not sure that I can put down the mom hat. My daughter is almost 10. So there’s that.

What I want to read next week…..

The Walls of Ascension and The Neverending Story. I don’t know what I want to pick up first. I kind of want to get at least halfway done or into The Lost Queen. This book is like 524 pages. So I kind of want to get a good chunk done with this before I try to pick up another book right now.

The Wells of Ascension, we are buddy reading over on my discord server. We’re buddy reading this with a couple of my friends. I’m just a friend of mine to get this in the mail. And then I probably will start it. So, if you want to buddy read with us, please click this link here to my discord server. If you’re not caught up, I’m leaving the channels for, The Final Empire up on my discord server. So, or if you’ve read it popped in and talk with us. I’d love to chat with you guys.

Book Mail

I only got book this week Just Ella. I bought this for my daughter for her to read.

Have you read The Neverending Story? What did you like better? The book or the movie? The comment below.

I’ll see you next week.


Posted July 30, 2020 by Tina in Books / 0 Comments