The Forgotten Kingdom by Signe Pike – Book Review

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The Forgotten Kingdom by Signe Pike – Book ReviewThe Forgotten Kingdom (The Lost Queen Trilogy, #2)
by Signe Pike
Published by Atria Books
on September 15, 2020
ThirftBooks / Abebooks
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The Forgotten Kingdom By Signe Pike is a gripping historical fiction tale of the twin sister of the man who inspired the legend of Merlin. The Forgotten Kingdom is the second book in The Lost Queen Trilogy. If you haven’t read the first book The Lost Queen please see my review here


The Forgotten Kingdom starts off right where The Lost Queen ended. Langoureth was locked up in her own chambers by her husband’s command so he could ride off to wage war against her twin brother and the kingdom she grew up in. And it gets worse he took their firstborn son, off to battle to kill her brother along with the people of her dad’s kingdom who were training Angharad to be a Wisdom Keeper. So she had 2 children, brothers, a husband, current people she knew from the kingdom she lives in now, and people she knew and cared for from the old kingdom she grew up in. There is no way that this battle will end without heartache when you have family members killing family members.

So it starts off tense and you can’t help but turn the page. There is a lot of movement, action, political intrigue. We also explore the world more and meet new clans and people previously only talked about And we follow 3 perspectives Langoureth, Lailoken, and Angharad.



I really enjoyed the characters in The Lost Queen and I have grown more attached to them in The Forgotten Kingdom. I like this book more I think because it’s less about Langoureth’s love life and more about the world and politics. Her husband goes off to war to kill her brother and her people. I mean how do you handle court life when no matter what when the war ends you have lost.

Seriously can’t wait for Gwrgi of Ebrauc to get what he deserves.

I also really enjoy Angharad journey in this book too. You kind of go on an emotional roller coaster with her.

Magic System

Magic system is much of the same as the last book. There isn’t a lot. The magic is wrapped up in politics which is the more interesting part of the story.

World Building

The world-building I think is my favorite part. We travel farther than we did before and meet new characters. But the politics, the wars, and battles are what made this book hard to put down. You are on your toes about who is going to start the next battle, who is going to betray who, who is going to align with who next.

Sometimes I would get lost on who is who and where. But I think that is a me problem. I read the first book over a year ago and didn’t re-read it again before starting The Forgotten Kingdom. I think when the third book comes out I’ll listen to the first two on audio before a read the third. They are worth a re-read.


What I liked was the first battle scene it was broken up by different perspectives. You would get Lailoken swinging his sword, then the next chapter is of Angharad who can see the battle but is not in it, Langoureth at a different time in space, then back to Lailoken. So it feels like you get a whole world 360 view of what is going on.

What I didn’t like was sometimes the plot jumps too much. One of the big battles that had a pretty big build-up happens, then the next thing you know is 6 years later. It was like, wait, what happened? I wanted to see what happened after. Did someone take revenge back? Was the king even mad? Did we lose anyone we loved? Like what happened?


I am really invested in this story and these characters. So yeah I would say I really enjoyed it. I actually enjoyed this read better than the first. I don’t like Maelgwn, her chosen love, he’s kind of a selfish jerk. And there was a lot more political intrigue in The Forgotten Kingdom and less Maelgwn.

I cant wait to see what the next book brings!!

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