So I did a thing! I made a YouTube Channel

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I made a youtube channel!

Why would you do that.

I’ve been asking myself the same question! The reason why is because I wanted to see if it was easier to film weekly reading updates instead of writing a post. I’ve tried to get into a regular schedule of making weekly reading update posts. But it’s kind of boring to write so I don’t do it. So I’m wondering if I will like/ have fun making videos instead of post.

The youtube channel plan!

  • My plan is to do weekly reading updates of
  • What I read last week
  • What I plan to read next week
  • Book mail or haul

Youtube vs Blog

I still really enjoy writing book reviews so I plan on still doing that. For future content besides reviews and weekly updates, I guess it’s up to if I feel I would most enjoy doing writing it or filming it.

My First Video

Please comment! Like and Subscribe! Hope you enjoy!

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