No Man Can Tame By Miranda Honfleur – Review

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No Man Can Tame By Miranda Honfleur –  ReviewNo Man Can Tame
Series: The Dark-Elves of Nightbloom #1
by Miranda Honfleur
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Published by Miranda Honfleur Author
on 2019-09
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
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Source: Kindle Unlimited

Summary of No Man Can Tame

Review of No Man Can Tame by Miranda Honfleur. Miranda Honfler is an indie author and you all know I love to find and read indie authors. This is also another book with a map. So I was super jazzed to pick No Man Can Tame to read on my kindle. The second book Bright of the Moon should be coming out soon.

Princess Alessandra steps in for her sister’s arranged marriage to a dark-elf to forge a strong alliance between the dark-elves and the humans. The dark-elves need food to survive and the Sileni kingdom needs protection from Immoral creatures. So this alliance is important for both parties. Although both Alessandra and Vernon agreed to the marriage and understand what it was worth. Alessandra had planned on escaping the agreement once out of her kingdom. Vernon felt that he would endure this marriage out of duty to his queen and people. His people were starving and a human extremist clan is hunting and killing his people. This was the only way without bloodshed to feed them.


As keen as he was to end the persecution, as good as it would feel to spill the Brotherhood’s blood…Blood would ony beget blood. This was the whole of dark-elf history. Spilling blood only to spill more. It had to end somewhere, and if they could make peace with the humans – and survive – then he would do everything in his power to make that happen.

And if they could make peace with the humans… then he’d make certain his people would be the ones to survive. The humans were numerous, but his people had trained for battle from the moment each of them could walk on toddling legs – if it came to war, the humans would fall.

No Man Can Tame – Miranda Honfleur

Before Alessandra could complete her plans to escape the marriage. She starts to have feelings for him and he for her. But then Vernon figures out she had a plan not to stay. Let just say that doesn’t go over well.

Throughout the royal progress, they were put in danger from humans and fae alike. Both sides have people who are opposed to this marriage and try to sabotage their complete union. Alessandra and Vernon grew together and then torn apart in hopes to save both lands.

What I liked No Man Can Tame

It was an enjoyable read. The dark-elves were by far my favorite and the most interesting part of this story. They had a pretty cool world they lived in, pretty cool culture. The dark-elves are a women dominant society. The Queen is seen as the most physically strongest member of their people and should not be questioned just obeyed. I wish the story spent more time with the dark-elves exploring more of their world.

What I didn’t like No Man Can Tame

This book is really similar to Grace Dravens Radiance. So it felt like the story wasn’t new. I thought they fell in love too fast. I also felt there was no real reason for them to fall in love, other then they were together. Everything was to easy. They got out of danger to easy, his family who was against the marriage accepted her to easy. Things fell in to place to easy. I want to feel in a story, there is no way they are going to get out of this one, but that didn’t seem to be the case here.

I still liked the read and will continue the next book in the series. But I’m definitely looking forward to more of the dark-elf world.

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About Miranda Honfleur

I’m a born-and-raised Chicagoan living in Indianapolis. I grew up on fantasy and science fiction novels, spending nearly as much time in Valdemar, Pern, Tortall, Narnia, and Middle Earth as in reality. ?

I write speculative fiction starring fierce heroines and daring heroes who make difficult choices along their great adventures, all with a generous dose of romance.

When I’m not snarking, writing, or reading my Kindle, I edit professionally, hang out and watch Netflix with my English-teacher husband, and play board games with my friends.

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