Queen of Corvids by J.C. McKenzie – Review

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Queen of Corvids by J.C. McKenzie –  ReviewQueen of Corvids
Series: Raven Crawford #3
Published by J.C. McKenzie
on March 10, 2020
Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
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Source: Net Galley

Queen of Corvids by J.C. McKenzie is the third book in the Raven Crawford series. If you haven’t read Conspiracy of Ravens and Nevermore. Make sure you read them before reading this review.

Queen of Corvids Summary

So Raven didn’t learn her lesson the first time and made another deal with the devil, I mean the Lord of War. But Raven will confess she’s not all that great at adulting. Her life hasn’t gotten any simpler, still has a mountain of debt to pay off, still working both jobs. But now there is even more fae coming for her head. But she is determined to stand on her own and not hide behind her big bad boyfriend Cole.

So, while Raven is trying to learn how to Queen attracted the attention of trolls who are becoming a pain in the ass, and a new up and coming shifter gang trying to blackmail her. Rouke her bodyguard advises Raven to kill all her enemies and so does the Lord of Shadows. Raven wants to be a tad bit more diplomatic, not having the same thirst for bloodshed.

Finding balance is key, she has to keep both feet in both worlds. But the more she tries to balance out her problems the more it knocks her on her butt.

My Star Rating Explained……

Queen of Corvid – Review

Queen of Corvids was action-packed! It took me less than 24 hours to read it. We spent more time in the dark fae world, more magic, danger, fae characters. Raven is coming into her own badassery as queen. My favorite character is Rouke. He had a big brother’s presence that made me smile. He let Raven handle her business but stepped in when it got too hairy.

Although I like Cole in this Queen of Corvids better then Nevermore, he still kind of had the attitude of the less Raven knows the more she is protected. I also felt that Raven let Cole off the hook too easily. I would have liked to see Raven make him squirm a little about some of the over-protectiveness. Raven, for the most part, is a bad-ass character except when it came to Cole. She is totally fine with him withholding important information from her. It felt like he was either hovering and being too overprotective or took a completely hands-off approach and let her fumble through problems. Rouke and Raven were more of a team then Cole and Raven.

Overall I really enjoyed Queen of Corvid. It took me into another world where trolls controlled bridges, mob boss like shifter gangs who blackmail, multiple realms, gods, bad boy assassins. I’m definitely interested in more books in this series, I would love to dive into more characters and this whole world in general.

Raven Crawford Series in Reading Order

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Posted April 15, 2020 by Tina in Book Review, Books / 0 Comments