How We Celebrate Valentines Day on the Cheap!

How We Celebrate Valentines Day on the Cheap!

If your anything like my family right now, your broke! Christmas, overdone, but that happens every year so you’re really not devastated. But the holidays never end so you have to plan for Valentine’s day. Looking at the budget you don’t really have the money to pay for a sitter and go out to eat, buy gifts for […]

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How I Deal With The Holidays As An Introvert!

First, let me clear up what an introvert is. The difference between an introvert and an extrovert is how we recharge. I recharge by being alone and not being around a big group of people. Extroverts recharge by being around people and a lively uptick atmosphere. At least this is true for my husband, the […]

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10 Gifts for an Out Doors Lover

If have someone on your list this season that loves to go hiking and be outdoors then this is the list for you. Smart Phone Gloves or Mittens If you have followed any of my hiking post you have noticed that I also Pokemon hunt while I hike. Now I currently don’t own a pair […]

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How can Essential Oils help DURING a Tattoo Session

So, it’s no secret between my tattoo artist and I that I hate getting tattooed. I love having tattoos, but I hate the process of acquiring them. That being said, I get through this challenge by using essential oils. There are no specific oils that are set aside for this one activity (like the oils […]

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Hiking Adventures! Des Moines Creek Trail

  Des Moines Creek Trail is a 4 mile round trip, paved path. We chose a much easier hike today for a few reasons. We wanted to explore and map out the trails around our area that are open during the winter. We like to test out trails before bringing the kids to them. Plus, […]

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What To Do When Your Husband Has the Man Cold

  OMG ladies and gents, a very tragic episode has just hit my house. THE MAN COLD! Don’t let your husbands get infected with the dreaded MAN COLD. Hide your husbands away, don’t even let them work, and for goodness sake, DON’T LET THEM AROUND YOUR KIDS!!!! If that man cold has found its way […]

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Hiking Adventures – Franklin Ghost Town, Black Diamond Wa

For starters, here’s a little history about Franklin. Franklin was a coal mining town from 1885 to about 1922 and was owned by the Oregon Improvement Company. In Franklin’s prime, it was a bustling little town complete with company owned housing, a general store, a post office, a small school, it’s own town hall, and […]

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