Nevermore by J.C. McKenzie – Review

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Nevermore by  J.C. McKenzie – ReviewNevermore
Series: Raven Crawford #2
by J. C. McKenzie
on November 10, 2019
Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Urban
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Nevermore by J.C. Mckensie is the second book in the series of Raven Crowford. You should read the first book Conspiracy of Ravens before reading this book. This is a super short review. I normally would read the next in the series before writing my thoughts with a clear head on the next book but I didn’t.

Nevermore Summary

Nevermore picks up a month after Conspiracy of Ravens ended. Everything seems to be almost back to normal. Before her brother, Bear went missing and worked with the Lord of Shadows to find him. Before she killed the Queen of Corvid Lloth, Coles crazy ex-lover. She was back to working at her crappy waitressing job, still helping at her family’s PI business, driving her crappy car. Plus moved back in her parent’s basement to get control of her debt. It seems pretty normal for a twenty-something girl, right? Wrong!

Killing Lloth has life-changing unintended consequences. She/He who kills the Queen of Corvid with corvid blood becomes the new queen. That would have been really good information to know before she killed Lloth. Now Raven has a new title as Queen and no idea how politics work in the underworld. It also seems every fae with Corvid blood wants her throne. Her ally Cole, someone who she isn’t 100% sure she can trust. What is a little new queen fae to do?

Burry her head in her mortal work, as a PI and a waitress. Ya know, because she still has bills to pay. Learn about her new Queen responsibilities while keeping Cole at a distance, most of the time. She is still a warm-blooded female. While trying to keep her head on her shoulders from crown hungry fae trying to kill her. It proves to be not so easy. It seems she is just jumping from one hot frying pan into another.

My Star Rating Explained…….

Nevermore Review

I had a lot of fun with this book. We got to see more of Raven’s PI life. My fave was Mike this time. Every time Mike was harping Raven about Cole it was like he was reading my mind. Still have a soft spot for Raven’s dad.

I didn’t like how a lot of Raven’s and Cole’s problems was Cole not telling Raven information because he wanted to protect her.

Raven Crawford Series Reading Order

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