Hiking Adventures! Me Vs Kids

Posted September 27, 2016 by Tina in Life / 2 Comments

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This weeks hiking adventure, was more like a walking adventure, was at Soos Creek Trail. Soos Creek Trail is a 6 mile paved trail, great for walking, biking and horse riding.  We brought the younger kids, while the older ones spent the day with their dads. This easy trail made it nice to keep track of the kids while letting them have a little bit of running room.

The trail wasn’t as scenic as last weeks. But we did come across some wild life. We can’t decide, is this a duck or a turkey? It wasn’t afraid of us, he just let us walk by and got into the water and swam around for a little bit.
I tried out my new back pack, and I love it!! My Juboury Hydration Back Pack I think will be perfect for our hiking trips. What I like about it is…. 
1. The bladder has a large enough fill screw cap hole to put large ice cubes in it. I have and old fridge that doesn’t make crushed ice, and I like really cold water. This does 2 things, it makes your back really cold while wearing it which can be nice if your working hard and sweating. If you put enough ice with little water, it will keep your water cold for a while too.
2. The water bladder didn’t leak. If you look on Amazon one of the big complaints about these back packs is that they leak. Now this is the first time out, so if it starts leaking you’ll be the first to know. 
3. It’s lite weight! My last 2 hikes I was caring a full on sports back pack. I love that back pack because it has a gazillion pockets and so much room to put stuff in. But I really don’t love it for hiking. It is huge and bulky and when I’m working hard it makes me feel like I’m caring a bolder. I may be exaggerating a little bit.
I also think I fixed the bug bite problem. Today I used DoTerra TerraShield. I dropped a few drops on each arm and legs. It totally worked. Now if your still skeptical and thinking, maybe there was no bugs to bite you. Well take a look at this down below…..

….mosquito breeding ground. Plus my friend got bitten, I forgot to share my oil, sorry friend! But I brought TerraShield with me and shared. She was not bitten again. 
3 things I learned today about hiking with Kids
1. Tired Legs? Play a game like I spy, look for critters, carry them piggy back for a little bit. We didn’t have to many complaints about tired legs today, but we were always trying to keep them entertained with one thing or another, like that weird bird, and racing each other that they didn’t really have time to think about it. Water/Snacks fixes tired legs!!! At least that is what my daughter told me, I wont argue.
2. Boys will try to touch every animal. Or at least the ones I’ve been around lately. That weird bird, yep, one of the boys almost touched it. I’m sure since that bird had no fear of humans that this would have not gone over well.
3. Pokemon Go!!!! So I know that I’m trying to get my children away from video games and out into nature, but when the drama of they are so tired that they cant walk another step and the car is a half mile away, you do what you need to do!!
That’s it for today! I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I hope I have inspired you to go find some trails and get out in to the fresh air with your kids.

Posted September 27, 2016 by Tina in Life / 2 Comments

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  1. That is one funky looking bird! So glad to know that your essential oils worked to keep the bugs away. Thanks for joining us again at the #happynowlinkup!

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