Fable by Adrienne Young – ARC Review

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Fable by Adrienne Young – ARC ReviewFable
Series: Fable #1
by Adrienne Young
Published by St. Martin's Publishing Group
on September 1, 2020
Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Epic, Action & Adventure, General
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Source: Net Galley

Fable by Adrienne Young is a YA fantasy. It is the first book in the series Fable. This is an action-pack adventure with pirates, romance, and a little grit.

Fable Summary

Fable was a 13-year-old girl whose father is one of the most powerful traders on the Narrows Sea. Her father’s ship, The Lark, wrecked in a storm killing her mother. Her father then drops her off on the island Jeval with the instructions of …..

  1. survive
  2. get off this island on your own
  3. come find me when you do
  4. I give you what is owed to you.

(um thanks pops). There are also 5 life rules that he taught her from the time she understood words.

Keep your knife where you can reach it.

Never, ever owe anyone anything.

Nothing is free

Always construct a lie form a truth.

Never, under any circumstances, reveal what or who matters to you.

Fable by Adrienne Young

With these fabulous words of wisdom and the clothes on her back. Fable has spent the last 4 years on Jeval learning how to survive on her own. She has learned how to lie, cheat, and steal. Keep secrets of her heritage, because someone knowing who her father is could get her killed. All it would take is one person who thinks they will make a name for themselves. But most importantly she has become a decent dredger, this should earn her a crew spot on a ship.

It took her 4 years to get enough coin to negotiate her passage from Jeval to Ceros with the captain of the Marigold, West. But that is where the adventure starts.

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Fable Review


I grew attached to Fable, I wanted her to succeed. It was super satisfying when she would turn up her chin and proved to the naysayers what she was capable of. I love how she really strives to make her own way under her terms while also not being arrogant in thinking she got off the island Jeval without the help of West.

Fable by Adrienne Young Book Review Book Cover Pinterest  image

Now, West kind of made me roll my eyes a little because he went from distant kind of a jerk to….. not…… just like that. I would have liked to see Fable break down his barriers little by little. It was a little too hot and cold for me. Other than that I like how West was loyal to his crew. I understood his initial coldness to Fable given the world they live in. I even didn’t mind his distance until they got to Ceros. Just after that, I would have liked to see a friendship take place……. before I am madly in love with you and I can’t live without you.

Willa was a favorite as well! She had a tough shell with a soft interior. I also love the friendships that were in this story.


Super consumable. A little predictable. But fast-paced, action-packed, so the predictability didn’t bother me.


Super atmospheric. I love being on the ship, in the storms, experiencing the hard life of a “pirate.” I also loved that this story broke the trope of girl hate! It seems more often then not if there is more then one girl in a YA story at least one has to be an enemy.


Like I said it was a little too hot and cold.


I enjoyed it, even though it was predictable, but the story was still exciting. I wanted Fable to succeed. It was interesting to see how she handled certain setbacks. The only reason I’m docking it a star is one it has a cliff hanger ending and I hate those. Two the romance, more the cliff hanger then the romance though.

I totally recommend Fable. Super enjoyable, action-adventure fast pace read.

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