Conspiracy of Ravens by J.C. McKenzie – Review

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Conspiracy of Ravens by J.C. McKenzie – ReviewConspiracy of Ravens
Series: Raven Crawford #1
by J. C. McKenzie
Published by J.C. McKenzie
on October 6, 2019
Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Urban
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I really like the cover of Conspiracy of Ravens written by J.C. Mckenzie. It’s part of the reason I was drawn to read this series. I also got the 3rd book of the series as an ARC so naturally, I have to read the beginning of the series first. But this is right up my alley so I probably would have read this series anyways.

Conspiracy of Ravens Summary

It all started when a delicious dark fae named Cole entered the diner Raven was working at to ask about her elusive twin brother. Raven and her twin brother Bear use to be very close. But over the last year, Bear has chosen to work for not the most upstanding citizens and distant himself from his twin sister and the rest of his family. So it wasn’t shocking that a dark fae came looking for her brother. It did give her alarm when she went to his apartment and found that her brother hadn’t been home in a while.

After another dark fae named Luke came to her family’s PI business also inquiring about items Bear was suspected to be involved with. And someone set an animal trap for her shifter family and caught her younger brother Mike. Raven realized that maybe this was a little more serious then Bears normal shenanigans.

Both Cole and Luke claimed that Bear had stolen from them. Cole seemed to be the lesser of the two evils plus it helps that Raven’s panties twisted every time he was near. So aside from having eye candy as a co-worker. Cole promised protection from other fae looking for Bear and he wouldn’t harm Bear when he was found. It was time to make a deal with the devil, I mean the Lord of Shadows, Cole.

Pretending to be a fox shifter like the rest of the family and not half unknown dark fae. Raven has avoided the dark side of the fae world. Her mother warned her they are not to be trusted. So knowing nothing about that world she reluctantly trusts Cole to help her find her brother to retrieve Cole’s stolen goods before someone else does.

My Star Rating Explained…….

Conspiracy of Ravens Review

There was a lot of this book that I really liked. First Raven’s goofy cheesy dad. He is a very small part of the book but I really like him. I really like Raven. She was a snarky sarcastic character done right! She wasn’t perfect, she wasn’t a badass fighter and had weaknesses but she held her own. Although the constant description of how hot Cole was got very annoying. I started to skim those parts.

I wish there was a little more between her and Cole. It seems there wasn’t a lot of romance only instant physical attraction. Every time I felt like the relationship was trying to move forward passed the initial lusty phase but Raven’s mind always stayed in the gutter. So it didn’t work for me.

But I totally enjoyed this book and consumed it rather quickly. I am super excited to see what kind of trouble Raven can get herself into next.

Raven Crawford Series Reading Order

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Posted April 13, 2020 by Tina in Book Review, Books / 0 Comments