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I love to read! But reading hasn’t been the easiest skill to learn for me. I am dyslexic, I was diagnosed very early on in childhood and it has been an uphill battle since. The simplest definition for dyslexia is a difficulty in learning how to decode words. This doesn’t me we can’t read, it’s just harder for us to learn to do it.

I enjoy reading books that let me escape life. I want to be taken away from my real human problems, it’s not enjoyable for me to read about them. There is always an exception though. I love to be swept up in a world that doesn’t exist, with creatures I will never come in contact with, and problems that are just unrealistic. My favorite genres are fantasy and all its sub-genres, paranormal, paranormal romance, dystopian, some mystery, and thriller. I Will not read horror I just don’t have a taste for it anymore.

I love finding indie authors. For the last few years I was on a mission to find the best indie authors to love and would only read indie published books. As of now I want to diversify my assets, and read both indie and traditionally published.

I read on all formats. My absolute favorite is paperback, although I’m starting a love affair with hardbacks. Often I will listen to audio and follow along with books for the big fantasy reads. I find it enjoyable to be told a story especially if its a good narrator. I read on e-book the most, simply because I don’t have a lot of space for books!

Blog History

I started a blog in 2017 about essential oils and health. The blog was active for about a year. But I figured out that I didn’t like to write about it and it became hard to come up with post topics. I love blogging but I needed to find a topic that I wouldn’t want to stop talking about.

So in 2018 I set my blog aside and lived. It wasn’t until February of 2020 that I felt confident enough to blog about books. Like I said I am dyslexic and felt under-qualified to share my opinion. But with age becomes confidence or the great ability to stop caring what other people think. This world is full of people. So I’m sure someone on the internet will find my opinion valid. If not, I am having fun doing it so nothing else matters.

A Little More Personal

I am approaching my 40s, actually, with excitement! They consider me an “elder millennial” thank you Iliza Shlesinger for this term!!!!! I have 2 kids approaching pre-teen or is in pre-teen status. I will forever be a dog lover and don’t see myself ever not having at least 1 dog if not more. Right now we have 2 dogs. Ruger a 113 lb Staffy mix, his sister Stella a 90 lb Staffy mix, My husband and I have been together since my senior year in high school. It’s really not a romantic story. He was cute with a fast older truck as well as a good mechanic. I was a shallow teenager who had, still have, a love for classic cars. My first car was a 65 nova station wagon. A super cute boy to help me keep my car on the road was sexy and convenient.

My Goal For My Blog

My goal for my blog is to find my space and voice. I want to share books and life in general.

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