If you have reached this page. I am not sure how. But bots seem to find this page when I have clicked on everything on my website and I cant find oh how to get here. But it is messing with my SEO so I have to put original content on it.

Know that this page is not edited in anyway shape or form. I have dyslexia. So normally it takes me hours to edit my blog and then I still find mistakes. I just dont feel like editing a page that nobody but a bot can find.

But If you have found this page. Please Pleas comment below and tell me how you found it. I read books. I know shit about technology.

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Any questions, comments, concerns please leave a comment below. I hope your coffee is well-caffeinated. Your days are sunny and happy. Your books smell like new forever! Your written words are legendary!!

Don’t ever give up your dreams, no matter how much you suck at it. There will always be someone who will read it on the internet or watch it on youtube. What is the point of life if your not doing what you love. Ha Ha, don’t take that the wrong way. Or do. You do you homie.

Thank god I am almost at 300 words that yoast deems is the magic number for SEO. Because I am running out of things to say.

Last but not least teenagers are scary and I don’t want to raise them. If you have raised teenagers and made out alive. Please comment below with survival tips. I’m going down.

Enjoy life! Stay healthy! Wash your hands. Be Kind. To Everyone!!!

If your still here, um why?

Thanks Tina