A History of Hexing By Evie Wilde – Review

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A History of Hexing By Evie Wilde  – ReviewA History of Hexing
Series: Enchanted Academy #2
by Evie Wilde
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Published by Wisteria Lane Press
on March 26, 2020
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Paranormal, Romance
Source: Net Galley

A History of Hexing Summary

A History of Hexing by Evie Wilde is the 2nd book in the series of Enchanted Academy. A History of Hexing is not a stand-alone book, you do need to read the first book A Class of Conjuring. Check out my review of A Class of Conjuring linked below. Please read the first book before you read this review.

A Class of Conjuring By Evie Wilde Review

A History of Hexing Summary

This story had great potential just like A Class of Conjuring. I liked the overall storyline of Cassandra, Braeden, Dash, Oliver, and Kyler attending Enchanted Academy. While getting extra training from their mentor Aurelius to defeat Edius, who in the last book was stealing powers from students and staff.

In A History of Hexing, Edius has moved on from stealing powers from witches and warlocks to destroying Guilds and recruiting followers to do his dirty work for him. Edius’ main target is still Cassandra and Enchanted Academy, but he’s starting chaos elsewhere, which makes that much more important to take him down asap.

At the Fall Festival, someone poisons the food and makes almost the whole student body ill. Everyone but Kyler believes its the work of Edius himself. Kyler believes it’s the new student, Sonny. Kyler knows Sonny from the past and has no love for the guy but won’t fess up to the reason why. Leaving the whole group to wonder who this Sonny, is and why Sonny showing up at the academy as Kyler’s panties in a twist.

Kyler withdrawals from the group to deal with the ghost of his past that came to the surface with Sonny now in the picture. Since the group is basically down a man and distracted by this new student Sonny, they have trouble pinpointing Edius and his next move.

My Star Rating Explained…….

A History of Hexing Review

I liked the overall story but I felt it was lacking in the details. I have more questions then I have answers. Like……..

Why do Cassandra and the boys have a connection? I see why Braeden has a connection, but that is pretty obvious. Braeden has been with her almost her whole life. He was there for the good and the bad. Cassandra was more likable in the first book then in this one. I kind of felt like she whined a lot without a lot of action. Most of the time the problems either resolve themselves or the other characters resolved them for her.

Why is Edius after Cassandra? She is the chosen one but why? She really doesn’t fight. She is so overprotected by the 4 guys.

I was disappointed that Cassandra was so overprotected. If she is supposed to be the chosen one why is she not the center of the fighting action? In my opinion, there was really nothing special about Cassandra that made me like her. In the first book, she has a quality of not controlling her magic and developed into a witch who could control it.

The overall plotline is a good one. I like the reverse harem, I like the up and downs of the story. When you just think you’re getting somewhere then the plot twists and you take 2 steps back. But I need more details to hold my attention. I need to know why to care about the characters.

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About Evie Wilde

Evie Wilde is the pen name for two authors who love all things paranormal. After spending hours discussing their favorite magical romances, they decided to write some together.

One attends law school, while the other is a work-at-home mom with a houseful of kids, but they both love sexy men with a gift for magic and making their mate’s happiness their number one priority.

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