A Class of Conjuring by Evie Wilde – Review

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A Class of Conjuring by Evie Wilde – ReviewA Class of Conjuring
Series: Enchanted Academy #1
by Evie Wilde
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Published by Independently Published
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Paranormal, Romance

A Class of Conjuring is the first of its series of Enchanted Academy by Evie Wilde. I picked this book up because I received a free copy of the second book A History of Hexing in exchange for my honest review.

A Class of Conjuring Summary

There is tons of potential here…

Cassandra is a witch who couldn’t control her power but yet never gave up. Braeden kept Cassandra in the friend zone for years, while he was covering for her and kept her destructive magic out of trouble with the magic community. But there is always the last straw.

When Cassandra and Braeden when on their last mission, instead of ridding the town of the destructive creatures they were hired to kill, Casandra destroyed the city. The town was almost non-rebuildable. The guild gave her a choice either to go to Enchanted Acadamy to learn to control her magic or leave the guild. So Enchanted Acadamy Cassandra went with Braeden in tow.

Meet Dash, Oscar, and Kyler who are new students of Enchanted Acadamy starting on the same day as Cassandra and Braeden. All have an attraction to Cassandra. All feel an unexplained need to protect her.

Shortly after getting all settled into Enchanted Acadamy. They are faced with a magic stealing power-hungry Villain targeting witches and warlocks at the academy and the five of them have to defeat them before they come for their powers.

A Class of Conjuring Review

At first, I loved Cassandra and Braeden. Their awkward friendship but both wanting more had me turning the pages. I loved Cassandra’s confidence in her magic even though it never worked right. I actually would give the first 20% of this book a solid 4 stars. Until she got to the academy. Then she was insecure with her magic which didn’t make sense. Why was she confident outside the academy? All the people said and felt the same way at her guild as the students and teachers. It seems that she would still have the same qualities and not suddenly be super insecure.

The connection and the relationship between the 5 characters at first was super interesting. But then it just kind of went on, and on, without real movement or development other than getting physical. It would have pulled me in more if there were more details as to why they have a connection. Is there some outside influence? where they all born on the same day? Or is it just because they are all hot studmuffins? Give me more!!

The story jumps sometimes without completing a scene. A couple of times I flipped back because I thought I missed something but I didn’t the story just moved on. So sometimes the story didn’t make sense.

To sum up. I need more details. Give me more details to fall in love with

Enchanted Academy Series in order

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About Evie Wilde

Evie Wilde is the pen name for two authors who love all things paranormal. After spending hours discussing their favorite magical romances, they decided to write some together.

One attends law school, while the other is a work-at-home mom with a houseful of kids, but they both love sexy men with a gift for magic and making their mate’s happiness their number one priority.

Posted March 31, 2020 by Tina in Book Review, Books / 0 Comments