October 2020 TBR

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Currently reading from September

The Way of Kings

I am still reading The Way of Kings. I am really enjoying this book. My favorite character is Kaladin. I love how dark and damaged he is. He is in a really depressing situation and he is written like it. It’s refreshing to read from the perspective of someone who is experiencing the worst of the worst of their life. But they are not the upbeat hero of no worries happy go lucky and you never fear that they will fail. Kaladin is depressed and is struggling with it. The Magic system I don’t fully understand yet but I’m getting there. There is definitely enough political intrigue to keep me only reading this book and not the others I have started. I always want to pick it up. In fact, I’m thinking of saving this post for tomorrow and going to read right now! If you are new to epic fantasy’s I wouldn’t start here. The Way of Kings starts off with this big intense battle scene but then it slows down for the next 300 hundred pages. This allows you time to get to know the characters. Figure out the political powers and what is going on in this world. I am a pretty character-driven reader, so even though the plot didn’t seem like it was moving for a little bit there is a reason for it. To me when there is a fully fleshed-out character it makes the dialogue, action scenes, and plot moves all that much more impactful as a reader.

Continued Series

The Dragon Reborn

I am super excited to get back into The Wheel of Time series. I am starting on the 3rd book The Dragon Reborn. I am told that there is a good chunk at the beginning of The Dragon Reborn dedicated to Perrin. I’ve been wanting to get into his story more. I’m also hoping we get more of an explanation of Saline. I know there was a huge clue about her at the end of The Great Hunt. But it went over my head. It was one of those things where I stopped and thought I should know this. But I don’t so I’ll just have to wait until its obvious.

Word of Radiance

Of course, after The Way of Kings, I want to read the second book in the Stormlight Archive series Words of Radiance. I don’t know much about what happens in this book but I usually like going into books blind. But if it’s anything like what I have read of The Way of Kings so far then I am sure I will eat up the pages. This series is very well-loved in the fantasy reading community. And so far what I have read I can see why. I am trying to get through all 3 books The Way of Kings, Word of Radiance, and Oathbringer before November 17 when Rhythm of War comes out.

New Picks

So a friend of mine recommended The Kind Worth Killing to me. She is a thriller reader and knows that I am not a huge fan of thrillers, really. She thought that this book would be tame enough for my little non-thriller reading heart. I know nothing about this book other then she thinks that I will like it. We shall see!

Under the Water

Under the Water, I am picking up because it is about this family that lives in Seattle and wants to motor home it across to Boston. Then a whole bunch of problems ensues. I am not sure why. But I just wanted to pick it up. I live in the greater Seattle area. I have a really good friend that lives in Boston. We as a family like to motor home it places. Sounds like this should give me more things I need to be freaked out with the next time we pack up our family in the motor home. Should be a good time.

Wilder Girls

I have been hearing about Wilder Girls for soooooo long. But with our current world situation, I’ve been kind of a scaredy-cat to pick this book up. Kind of hits to close to home, ya know. But I figured its October I got to do something out of my comfort zone, right. Something to scare me a little. So I am putting it on my TBR and I’ll see what happens. I hear its really good. Plus I really like the cover. So I kind of want to keep this book on my shelf and actually say that I have read it. So let’s be real I bought the book because of the cover but I’ve been hesitant to read it. If I do get to this book I’m hoping to write a review on it.

Septembers TBR Leftovers

Run into the Fire

I totally did not get to Run Into the Fire last month. I totally want to. It sounds like a fun read based on the excerpt written on the back. But I blew my tbr last month and didn’t follow it. So my month ran out before I could pick this book up. This is high on my priority list. And I want to write a review on it. But we will see. My drive to get threw the Stormlight Archives my overrun my reading until Nov. This is an indie-published book that warms my little reading heart so I will get to this book before the year-end. I do promise that!!

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Interview With the Vampire

Interview With the Vampire is a reread. I am not in a hurry at all to get to this book. It’s just something I’m throwing in there because I kind of want to read it.

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